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G.S. Plast

Since 1975, G.S.PLAST s.a.r.l. has grown to be a leading manufacturer in the flexible plastic industry. We have a long and outstanding expertise in the production of plastic bags with a specialization in the fine arts of Flexo-printing. We are affiliated with our sister company, VACUUM BAGS which in turn ...



◎    Food Packaging
◎    Liquid Bags
◎    Security Bags
◎    Sanitary Bags
◎    Shopping Bags
◎    Agricultural Packaging
◎    Office Bags
◎    Storage Bags



◎ "CERTIFICATION OF APPRECIATION" from the Ministry of Environment in recognition of "G.S.PLAST s.a.r.l." for its contribution to a cleaner environment by using Oxo-Biodegradable Technology.

◎ "PROCESSOR CERTIFICATION" certifies "G.S.PLAST s.a.r.l." to be an authorized user of "Reverte TM".

◎ "CERTIFICATION OF FOOD GRADE RAW MATERIALS" from Taghleef Industries. Their properties are fully tailored to the specification of food packaging with regards to processability, preservability, and labeling.

◎ "CERTIFICATION OF USING FOOD GRADE INK FOR PRINTING" from Interstate. The used ink is free from any carcinogenic or radioactive raw material, and especially the following heavy metals; LEAD (Pb), CHROMIUM (Cr), CADMIUM (Cd), MERCURY (Hg), ARSENIC (AS), applying by that to the European standards and norms.