G.S. Plast
About Us

Since 1975, G.S.PLAST s.a.r.l. has grown to be a leading manufacturer in the flexible plastic industry. We have a long and outstanding expertise in the production of plastic bags with a specialization in the fine arts of Flexo-printing. We are affiliated with our sister company, VACUUM BAGS which in turn, has become highly reputable and prestigious for taking the Lebanese manufacturing industry into the European standards with its stringent norms.

In today’s highly competitive markets, most manufactures have been dramatically pressured into reducing their costs through budget cuts, quality shifting, and even at the expense of the product integrity. G.S.PLAST s.a.r.l. operates on a whole different spectrum!

Our pursuit for excellence starts from the very beginning. Our raw materials are meticulously chosen with the most advanced functional and mechanical properties; such as superior light, oxygen, taste, and smell barriers. We make sure that our resins have no recycled materials whatsoever to ensure premium health standards along with a much more appealing clarity.

We also have a huge range of additives to compliment the needs of the pack, such as the fully Oxo-biodegradable bags.

Furthermore, our factory is equipped with the most sophisticated machines, quality control professionals, printing specialists, testing labs, and much more to ensure a maximized standard of output. Whether you are updating your current packaging or launching a new brand, G.S.PLAST s.a.r.l. has the resources and experience to guide your way to success.

The Late Mr. Selim Geagea


Mr. Antony Geagea

Owner & CEO

Mr. Ali Dandash

Company Representative